The Queen of Sexy SSBBW Feedees

Sexy SSBBW feedee drinks a weight gain shake right from the pitcher!

An entire pitcher of weighT gain shake does this SSBBW Body Oh SO GOOD!!!

Hot Fatty Girl, Ivy is known throughout the feeders and gainers community for her huge belly, her enthusiasm and her luscious, ever-growing body! Did I mention that she is also one of my personal heroes, my girl-crush, and the reason that I started modelling over 5 years ago. CHECK OUT her Amazing Feedee Website at and you are sure to see I refer to her as the QUEEN of the Feedees!

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3 Responses to The Queen of Sexy SSBBW Feedees

  1. Charlie says:

    What an incredible pic! A whole picture of shake,mostly gone ,and that incedible belly hang! WOW!

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  3. Pancake says:

    I have fapped to this picture like 20 times. I wish to have sex with her so badly OMG

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